Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage Cleanup

Here we have the same room from the previous picture. As you can see all the water has been removed from the bedroom floors. Our crew went in with air movers to successfully dry up all the standing water.

Water Damage

Here we have a classic situation due to excess standing water. As you can see from looking at the picture the flood is flooded. This is before our crew went in with air movers.

Flooding in Office

Pictured here is a flooding job prior to our services. You can see when looking at the picture just how severe the damage was. This type of flooding damage needed to be handled as soon as possible or it would have led to much greater issues.

Mold/Water Removed

Pictured here is the state of the floor after our crew here at SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City and SERVPRO of Lower Manhattan went in and removed all the mold and water from the scene.

Mold on Floor

This picture indicates the condition of a residence after there was serve water damage. You can see from the picture here that the water caused a case of mold on the floor.

Jose Guzman

Here you can see one of our crew chiefs showing off his “guns” as he calls them. Jose uses the morning equipment load as his morning workout. Thank you Jose for all your hard work!