Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Spring Cleaning

We take care of our vehicles here, every week we give them a nice scrub down so they look brand new coming to you. Pictured here is what we call a "Box Truck"! 

All Boxed Up

These items are ready to be sent back to their rightful owners! SERVPRO of Lower Manhattan knows just how to take care of your items so you get them back in mint condition. 

Packed Up!

We know how much your items mean to you. That's why we treat them as if they're our own and make sure everything is wrapped carefully and delicately to preserve the condition.

Cleaned and Looking Brand New!

This is the base of an appliance after we cleaned it down and restored it to a better state. You may not guess but before we cleaned it this base was actually black with mold spurs and spider eggs. 

Drywall No Longer Dry? We'll Cut It!

Water damage caused us to cut out these walls in the picture shown here. We have to make sure we remove all affected areas so mold is not created and spread.

We Make Sure Your Walls are Dry!

We know the drying process is a tedious one. We make sure every single job is completely dried and reading as dry on our moisture meters to assure quality performance.