Fire Damage Photo Gallery

House Post Fire Cleanup

Our crew went into the basement and encapsulated the inside. Once this was done we completed the rest of our clean up. The client was very happy with the service provided

Fire Damage to Beams

Pictured here is the beams to a basement foundation that were exposed to a fire. Our crew went in and cleaned the beams and took steps in preventing further damage to the beams. 

Kitchen Fire After

This is the state of the kitchen after our crew here at SERVPRO of Hoboken/Union City and SERVPRO of Lower Manhattan provided our services. You can see there is no longer a brown rustic color to the appliances. Now a shiny silver color coats the appliances.

Kitchen Fire Before

This is what the kitchen of a local high school looked like before our services. You can see everything looks like it has a brown rustic color to it post fire.

House Fire Before

This picture indicates the level of damage the fire left on this home. You can see the entire foundation has been flamed to a dark black. The fire left a great deal of debris.

House Fire After

This photo indicates the level of expertise our crew has when it comes to work put in. As you can see all the debris from the initial damage is no longer there. The owner was thrilled with the work we provided.